If you are a new potential friend, I have several options to screen you and I hope one of them works well for you.  Please submit your phone number as well as one of the following for approval:

  • Send me 2 local provider references with the preferred contact information for the provider and a link to her current add.  You should have seen this provider within the last 6 months.  Please tell me how they will remember you.

  • A public LinkedIn profile with *extensive* history.

  • A link to a public business review of YOUR business, such as Yelp or Angie's List. I will need to be able to contact you there.

  • A link to a professional business website where your name and contact information are shown. I will need to be able to contact you there.

  • Send me an email from your professional business email.

  • Please let me know where you saw my ad in your reply as well.

  • Once I have this information, I will contact you. Thank you so much for taking the time to contact me. I am looking forward to meeting with you soon.

I prefer email. But you can also reach me at: (510) 631-1545

  • Twitter - White Circle

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